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It's on the list of shows we do want to make someday, but we're not sure as to if it will be worth that effort.


Will the Top Tens be returning some time in the near future


Will there be more episodes of pins and axles in the near future

Hello; I hope that y'all don't mind if I repost this, edited slightly:


Have you guys considered other 'watch it here first' platforms (ala Vessel Rip in pieces)
like the Premium?

@Ven have you ever had the music you used for On Ebay today be copyright claimed?

Surprisingly not.

Did Eljay's departure spark the rise of Applego?


Greetings, TTV. This is primarily a question for Var, but I'm okay if Meso or Jon answer instead. If these questions have already been answered somewhere else, feel free to direct me there. But, this is my first post on your boards, so I apologize if this seems outta place.

All I have to ask are a few simple questions I would like to ask you in an effort to get to know the BIONICLE community a little better…

  1. What got you into BIONICLE and/or its community?
  2. Would you consider yourself more a fan of the Canon story (be it either generation or both), or do you enjoy adding your creativity onto it?
  3. What do you believe is the best medium of telling a BIONICLE story? Is it MOCing, Storywriting, Stop Motion, or Art?
  4. Would you recommend BIONICLE to someone else, friend or otherwise?
  5. If someone wished to begin a career in story writing, and did so in the BIONICLE genre, which is a better idea? Doing so in the Canon story, or just a personal non-canon twist?

I hope you’ll take the time to answer these questions, and if you do, I hope to hear from one of you as soon as possible.


Hello GN; it's nice to see another interested, new fellow on the boards! You totally might get an answer here, but you're also welcome to post in either Jon's, Meso's, or Var's AMA threads, which are strictly geared toward personal questions. Both group related and personal questions tend to get answered here, but if you're waiting for a while, you can try one of those as well. Have a good one!

So, you guys mentioned that Reply! had one of the shortest development cycles of any series on the channel. What's the longest that a single ongoing show has ever taken from conception to release?



I'd think it would have to have actually been released to count.


You're spoiling the joke.

  1. Sprite comics were the reason I stuck around the community for as long as I did. They were a good early way for me to experience having an audience and creating content.
  2. Both generations have their issues. We're working on Generation 3 now, so I guess you can say that that's our creative involvement.
  3. They're all really different forms of medium, meant to evoke different things. MOCs and Art evokes a visual atmosphere, but writing is able to convey plot and character. Stop-motion (I'm assuming you mean film?) combines both visual and storytelling, so it's the best overall medium - excluding other things like video games.
  4. I've done it in the past. It gets harder the older you get and the less Bionicle-related things are out there. I woudn't recommend anyone to Bionicle now, for instance. Even during its run, a lot of the accessible media was too kid-focused and cringey.
  5. Depends on your skill with a writer. Fanfiction enables you to not worry too much about the worldbuilding and instead craft your story inside established rules. The more you get used to that, the more you can stray.

Ongoing show for right now? Probably Brickfeed or the Set Reviews. We wanted to do more LEGO content for ages, and we had always talked about doing either a LEGO Podcast or the reviews. We were in talks for Brickfeed to be a separate channel back in maybe 2014, early 2015.


Thanks, Jon.

P.S., I would like to provide help for BIONICLE G3 if you need it.

I can't find an answer to this anywhere else on the boards, so I might as well ask here. How do I earn the honor the chronicler badge? I know I have to find the land marks but how do I get the badge after I find them all?

So, I'm obviously not a member of the cast, but I'm 99% sure that you'll simply have to message the staff/cast and demonstrate that you did, in fact, find them all. I hope that helps!

Yes it does, thanks. I will get the coordinates for all the land marks.

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