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I’ll take pictures of my self MoC right now.

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On topic: What is everyone’s favorite fictional character(outside of bionicle)?

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@piepie asked ‘How old are the cast of TTV?’

Edit; Moved from ‘Cast Of TTV, how old are you guys’ topic, fixed by Scarilian.


Thank you! Especially Eljay, Considering he has a job according to him…

why you kept the fact that you are going to Comic Con a secret

16, 17, 18, 18, 19, 19, 19, 21, 25
I won’t go into who’s who.

Meso didn’t have his ticket yet.


21* actually (not to say that’s me but that’s the correct age of said person :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Dang, missed him by a year. Corrected.


This is kind of old but he goes by Ehl-Jay on Lego Ideas.

We know Takuma is the 25 yr. old he bragged about being older than everyone else in his intro.

Viper, Meso, Var, Venom, Exxtrooper, Kahi, Eljay, Tenebrae Invictus, and Takuma.

What? I’m just saying all the members in no particular order. :wink:

Well in the off hand chance you were saying them in a particular order, it wouldn’t be the correct order :stuck_out_tongue:


Aw dang, I thought my totally random order was correct.

Back to the totally random drawing board…

(but I’m pretty sure I switched either you, Ven, or Exx around. Randomly of course. ;P)

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Actually, I’m not on Lego Ideas! May change, but it ain’t me.

And the proper spelling of my name is Eljay, E-L-J-A-Y.


So this isn’t you? I can’t get to ideas because of their scheduled maintenance, but that is the same profile pic as the ideas guy.

Nope, I can confirm that isn’t me!

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Never thought your identity would be stolen.

It happened to Var and Meso, so anything’s possible.

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Who is bionicle?!

No, lol, kiddin’ with ya.

Hey, there is something I have felt missing on this forum, theres no kind of list of the members of the TTV Podcast, is there?

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Its under cast on the main site.