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Both. We also have Milo's restaurants, the place where the tea came from. (I don't know if there are Milo's outside of the South).

There is a Milo's resteraunt? I've been up in Washington for the past five years and just moved back to Georgia. I missed my Milo's tea.

@IllustriousVar, @Mesonak, and @Jon I assume that you guys already know but 4chan is ripping Eljay to shreds. You probably have a reason for not doing so already but you should try to defend your friend. Respond to them in some way or fashion in a respectful way. I guess its up to you guys.

I am no member of TTV, but let them get into it themselves, because we don't need all of TTV to be called out and have falsehoods spread around.

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Probably a good idea.

Eljay's a big boy and can stand up for himself.

Besides, criticism is part of the job and we are no strangers to it. People are entitled to their opinions of us and we don't need to challenge every person who may or may not like us for any given reason. As long as they aren't bothering us or harming our channel/boards then they can say whatever they want.


As he's already proven,

I think they are suggesting that to be the case, as they specified "Signed Copy" But that's just my interpretation of it

Yeah, like it's an off-site deal between Eljay and the gross 4chan people.

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Good, because it already happened :stuck_out_tongue:

You should come next year, instead. I'm gonna try to go.


Did someone make a mistake for the description in the new Brickfeed podcast episode? Why is the link for the Dimensions news the same as the Lego Batman sets?

Is the TTV Podcast gonna continue? Or is it gonna end

The podcast started when Bionicle G1 ended. So take a guess. =P


Ya, I made a mistake. I'll go fix that lol


Was it a



Can I have the picture that you use for the background here and on the site? I want to use it for the wiki.


Is the Overwatch game night still happening? If so, when?

Are you guys surprised by how by how many views the minifig top 10 has?

Probably some point after Brickfair. Exact details haven't been determined yet.

Oh yeah, everyone is baffled by it.

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It's the kind of video that would interest many people outside of Lego fandoms.

Dunno if this had been asked, but has been releasing full versions of music such as the podcast intro ever been considered? (If they havent already and I just cant find them :stuck_out_tongue:)

Not sure if this is still the case, but they've stated before that they don't want to release full versions just in case someone plagiarizes them.