TTV Questions & Answers!

Ah. I guess that makes sense

Where did the site background go?


Did you guys get to enjoy Brick Fair or take breaks? Or were you stuck at that table for the whole day?

I know there's topics to discuss the TTV Podcast, but is are there ones to discuss the Brickfeed Podcast?

Will you guys all be going to Brickfair next year, too?

So, after you guys built your Makuta moc from JTO, how many pieces were left over? Can I have a picture? I'm trying to figure out whether I should buy pieces for him and get some of the required sets or just go ahead and buy all of the sets. @Mesonak @Eljay @Jon @Spider-Ven

Well, I don't think we took a picture, buuuut I'd say that there's over about 200 parts left- like there's a while lot. It would probably be more worth buying the parts separately from bricklink.



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Are the video podcasts from Virginia a thing?


Is MeNOG with Meso rip in rap?

Well..He DID play through all of the Bionicle Online one would assume.

Do you guys approve of this page?

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Will there be a comic segment again?

I don't know why, but the message boards won't let me edit my posts, i don't know if that's a glitch or if I'm just being stupid, can you guys help me out please?

How long ago were the posts, because after a certain amount of time (that I can't remember off the top of my head) you are unable to edit a post anymore

Thoughts on Prpl's modding abilities? Any regrets?

What would you guys think if LEGO and Blizzard released Overwatch-themed sets? For example System Sets of the maps with minifig heroes, and CCBS Constraction versions of the heroes ala Star Wars.

That would be so cool omg.
I hope some MOCists do that cuz I'd love to see LEGO versions of the maps. :o

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sadly, I doubt this would happen because of Lego's military and violence policy

then again, I know next to nothing about overwatch...

Did not stop them from making Star Wars sets. Overwatch is just about as violent as the original Star Wars trilogy. LEGO draws the line at real violence, hence why there has never been a "Trenches of WWI" set or the like. Cowboys and Indians, Pirates, and Cops and Robbers sets sure, but those sets tend not to be as popular.

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