TTV Questions & Answers!

Another software question.

What content management system do you guys use for the website?

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After the fantastic vlog of last night, are any other members who couldn't make it thinking of doing the same thing?

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For the website? It's actually just a fancy re-purposed Tumblr blog. We decided we wanted our website to have Tumblr integration so that we could broadcast all our news to the Bio-Tumblr community, a side of the BIONICLE fandom we've kind of ignored for the past few years. We designed our website with the intent that it could work as a fully functioning website while also using Tumblr's built in RSS feed to control the shares and traffic the site receaves.

As far as the Message Boards, we're running an open sourced forum software called Discourse, which we have installed on hardware running a 16.04 Ubuntu version of Linux. We wanted to make sure the transition from the main website to the forums was seamless, so we installed a bit of code that embeds the Message Boards directly into the website to function as a pseudo comments system.

Hopefully that answered your question :smile:

We recorded a 6 hour let's play of Game Dev Tycoon in which every single member of Pandemic Panda is present on webcam except for Invictus. It will be released.... eventually.


That. That would be amazing. TTV Games Inc.


@IllustriousVar Was Eljay wearing a Miru? BD

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Do you believe in Magic? In a young girl's Heart? How the Musi- Sorry. Sorry. >.>

Sorry, random impulse. Uh, anyway, legit question:

Should Bionicle get a TV Show, will TTV cover it, and if so, will Var, Ven, Viper, Takuma, and Exx join the usual Coverage Trio?(Or at least attempt to.)

If the above question has already been asked, I apologize.


0.o I always thought Eljay was actually Eljay's name... I seriously thought you all just had really odd names... My life is a lie.

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Well to be fair, I was present for several Ninjago episodes and a few Chima ones, so it's definitely within the realm of possibility. Buuuuut, with that said, it's freaking BIONICLE, of course I'd be on those coverages.

As far as the others go, it'a unsure, honestly we may do things differently with the proposed BIONCLE TV show rather then just our average coverages.



This has almost certainly come up in the past, but... Who came up with the Pandemic Panda name/how did you decide to use it?

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Will Eljay ever do recap reviews of older Technic lines like Throwbots?

Or cough RoboRiders cough
Sorry, I've got a terrible cold.
It would be cool for Eljay to review BIONICLE's predecessors, but ThrowBots are very hard to find and costly. It's a stretch, but Eljay could do it. We'd just have to expect WAY longer breaks, as like I said, they are costly and hard to find,

Are History of BIONICLE and On Air still in the works? Can we got a possible release date if they are?


I can't give you an estimate on when they'll come out...but I can give you the status on them. History of Bionicle has one year already recorded and the first several minutes edited. We're just waiting for a lull in Bionicle news to work on it.

On Air just finalized one two-parter episode script. We did a table read and then finally recorded everyone's lines. Working on the backgrounds and props are the biggest deal at the moment. Building an animation library is always the hardest part of making any show; once we're done with that, it'll be a lot quicker here on out.

Bionicle is basically getting 90 second animated shorts, but we'll be covering those anyways. I'm liking the idea of book reviews though.


Did you guys recieve clear masks? If so would you have a site giveaway for one?


I just had to scroll through 300+ posts .__.

Anyways, now with 3 members meeting each other in person, do you guys think there will be something different (or special) with your friendship from that?


psst, just press the green box on the right of the screen and press bottom

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Var, Meso, and Kahi all received clear masks. I don't think they plan on giving them away, though. =P


That's probably a good idea. Those are great masks.


I would have thought they would have 2 because they were at the panel and store event.

Why did the site say the domain expired this morning?

Because the domain expired stuck_out_tongue you have to renew it every year

(the domain is the address, in our case the address is

Oh and we do have two, but that doesn't mean we plan on giving either away.

Nope, not really. It was fun, but we've been friends for years now, we really aren't much different on the internet and IRL.