TTV Shark Week MOC- The Sharkinator

Hello, Venom/Everyone This is my MOC for “Shark Week” I don’t have much experience with MOC’ing, so I did my best and here he is, The Sharkinator.


That looks awesome!

Can’t you see your wish came true? There are two huge freakin’ laser guns on the front of this thing.


I don’t know why, but I thought those were its eyes. :confused:

I think the bohrok eyes inside the head are supposed to be the eyes and the ones on the front are death lasers.

Yeah, I know now

robot shark with lazers


I rate 9/9. just please don’t set it on me…

This is what would happen if Ultron had a pet shark


My issue here is that the face doesn’t quite get ‘shark’ across if it weren’t for the rest of the body. The jaw in particular seems too wide to be a shark mouth, but then again any few claw pieces used and it would look to thin, so who knows.

That mouth is just epic.

@Likus The “Death cannons” where actually intended to be scuba divers lights… Don’t ask why I thought a shark needs an air tube and lights… :confused:

@Neowulf I had big trouble with the teeth/face in general, because i didn’t have any good pieces and if I had the right piece I didn’t have enough or the right color.