TTV Talks #55 Sketch!

Featuring @Eljay and @bloodyeljay.
If you say “Miru” five times in a mirror, bloody eljay appears to give you the spooks after ven does his makeup. 3spooky5me


It’s awesome :slight_smile:

Can’t handle the spook. This is awesome bro-man.

Eljay has claws for hands :scream:
This is the part where Eljay and El Chupacabra fight for who gets to keep the “El” in their names.

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Tak stahp scurring meh!

This is an interesting drawing, definitely makes me wanna check out the latest TTV talks.

too bad I already used my “Wat” picture… I really don’t want to do it twice in one day

I watched the episode because I wanted to understand your drawings and its 1:20 AM
I can’t sleep now
Anyway great drawings!

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that’s one spooky story O_O

I just watched the TTV talks, this is pretty great

3spooky5me I’m driving that into the ground aren’t I?

I love Eljay’s taco hat.