TTV Talks Crap about Each Other Live-Stream Chat

TTV Talks Crap about Each Other Live-Stream Chat

Hey everybody! This is the place to react to our live show that can be found here

Use this topic to communicate to us.


What pieces are you most excited about using for mocs from the 2016 bionicle sets?

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Whoo! Yay!

Youtube chats suck.

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guys why not use twitch

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Voriki is here to give guidance

Why so hasty kahi?

YouTube is weird.

All you guys need to do is pretend you’re playing video games, and stream on YT Gaming, it’s a perfect plan.

This chat is gonna explode.

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or something similar

Learn2Youtube, Kahi

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What do you think of the creatures’ gear functions?

Oh, cool.


oh man here we go, hope the site doesn’t crash :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I’m here! Hows everyone doing?

chanting talk. crap. talk. crap.


What hf sets do you think are the most crappy?

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Squabbling like Gukko birds…
How’s the New Year going, guys?!


@Eljay, which 08’ set(s) are you looking forward to reviewing the most?

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