Hey dudes and dudettes,

James here. I am a frequent user of BZPower, I'm not sure if you've heard of it.
These forums are an exciting idea to me and making them the most appealing and interesting thing they can be must be a top priority.

There's a thing called BZPBRPG, which while a mouthful, stands for "BZPower Bionicle Role Playing Game". It's a post-by-post interactive game where you get to create these elaborate stories with fictional characters, with help by overseers who guide the story in a certain direction.

A TTVBRPG could be something similar for the people of these forums, something a bit closer (god forbid 100 people participating in this. The BZPBRPG is one of the most insane and clustered things I have ever seen.) where we can create fictional characters and have Overseers create a certain story that we follow.

For example, we could set the TTVBRPG in an alternate universe where the Toa Mata are now Turaga on a fictional island, Kura Nui, and when the Toa Inika went to Voya Nui, they never returned. The entire Bionicle society has gone into civil unrest and now Vortixx clans rule the streets of Metru Nui, etc.

I'd be happy to help set up such a projec and I would think it would work, mostly because anyone and everyone can take part.


I'm intrigued to say the least.
Might need to put some rules as to what your character can be or before you know it, it'd be flooded with Piraka, Titans, Dark Hunters and probably dimension-hopping Space Marines.

Just a thought.

I can only hope that the people on these forums are responsible, sophisticated and overall not all Mary Sues.
If this gets a few more likes/replies I will setup a thread where we can begin creating the characters.

Any ideas what the story should be?



Maybe something pre-Toa Mata on Mata Nui?
Something post-story with a group exploring Bara Magna?

A 'Far Future' thing where the Bionicle have entered space?

The last would probably be only if you didn't mind exploring other space-faring settings like Stargate or 40k or Star Wars in the RP.


And now I want to see a story where Bionicle encounters\is encountered by Mass Effect.

Heh, I'm not a fan of crossovers mostly because I don't understand any of them. : 3
I think keeping it with something familiar that any Bionicle fan could remember would be good.
So something pre-2009, probably.
The BZP story is that the Toa Mata failed and now there are a new set of Toa to rid the island's evils, which works, but we're not going to use it because I want this to be original.
Maybe it could be a Voya-Nui RP where the Piraka are roaming around and the Toa Inika don't exist, only the Toa Nuva do as they are quickly beaten up by the Piraka.
We could break canon and throw in a few Visorak hordes, maybe Vortixx clans or even the return of Makuta.

What do you think?

I do recall from the Shadow Hunter art book that the Visorak wrecked quite a few islands before they hit Metru Nui.

Maybe Matoran fighting them before\after\during the Web of Shadows storyline and go from there parallel to canon?

Toa and above might be OP as hell, but the Matoran have to have their fair share of bad asses to survive before the Toa show up.

I like that idea. Should we make things a bit more interesting but still breaking canon by having Turaga Jovan alive when the Toa Mata first land on Mata Nui and then he is killed by a Visorak swarm?
Then the Piraka show up, clear up the Visorak, are heralded as heroes, and as time goes on, become more evil until there are only a handful of Matoran left.

Every person can have one established character (Piraka, Axonn, Brutaka, etc.) and as many OC characters as they wish, but they have to be Matoran, Vortixx or Purka (which is a fictional race that I have made up that are similar to Makuta as they are made of antidermis are not part of the Brotherhood, and are much weaker).

Where would this be located? On the forums? I'm not sure we want to flood it with spam from the RP... I know of at least two Bionicle RPG's going on in G+, I'm currently in one of them. Maybe we could do something there? That way, we can have different topics for different areas but the forums won't have unwanted messages added to everyone's inbox.

Also, love the idea of the Matoran. I wouldn't mind making a MOC for myself just for that purpose.

I've tossed the idea around beforehand. I like playing TBRPGs when I have the time to. Although, I will be honest and say that I'm not really a "canon TBRPG" guy, I kind of like to create my own thing. But you can definitely make your own if you want, and maybe some of the Cast and Crew will jump in. I probably will, at least.

Well, the forums were made exactly for fan content and interaction like this, so you could take it elsewhere, but we love seeing what our fans decide to do. That's kind of the reason we made this instead of just sticking with YouTube =P

True xD

Sorry I didn't reply earlier. Hit the daily post limit. Good to know for future reference that it's about ten.

Everything post Web of Shadows for me starts getting nebulous because I don't have the films, the Encyclopedia that covers post Web or the books that go beyond the first film to fill in the blanks for me, but that sounds like an idea.

And on the crossover point, when it comes to just straight writing in fanfiction, they're my specialty. I love them. Well written, they're a great way to explore both franchises you're crossing, by throwing the characters into situations and places that are either strange, outright anathema or that they're almost god-like in.
It's especially fun if the person writing can get the characterisation right.

I don't fully understand what this is, or what it would look like, but I'll look at the BZPBRPG to get a better idea.

I would definitely participate in something like this.

Interesting idea. I did something similar on my YouTube channel in my continuation universe and would not mind doing it again.

A capital idea. I'm a member if a few RPs on the LMBs so I may not be quite as familiar with how others are used to doing things.

Yah, story ideas. It might be nice to start with something simple, like Mata Nui before the Toa Mata came. However I'm liking the Voya Nui situations.

I think a Voya Nui situation would be better, just to keep it distinct from the BZPRPG.

A story idea that came to mind might be a little weird:

  • The fight between the Toa Nuva and the Piraka turns out differently: the Piraka capture some of them while the others are forced to flee. Later, the Toa Inika lose their fight with Umbra and the Mask's Guardian, learning of the danger the mask is in, activates a failsafe that seals the mask away. Originally designed to send the mask to the Codrex where it would be locked away from any but the Toa Nuva, the failsafe sends it to Mahri Nui.

Basically this would give the RPG two or three stages: defeating the Piraka and freeing the Toa Nuva (some of whom may or may not be infected), getting to Mahri Nui, defeating the Barraki over the Mask. Mainly Matoran players I would say, bring in some player controlled Toa like they did for the BZPRPG (because we're gonna need a Toa for the MoLife), encourage players to operate in teams... By altering the story in those places, we would allow for a couple (GM controlled probably) Toa, and multiple free Matoran. Those Matoran would live in Villages under Piraka control, but not enslaved because this is after the Crystal Vat has been smashed and we could say that Teridax has gone elsewhere.

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We already have a character application thread. Honestly I think the RPG should just be Voya Nui and if it succeeds we would go to Mahri Nui and maybe even Karda Nui.

I fully support this and, if enough support and interest is raised, will not only play but talk to the others about possibly making a RPG's subforum/subcategory thing round here.

I have no idea if anyone here was on BZP long enough ago to remember my RPG exploits but it's definitely something I'd love to get into again if time allows.


Thanks, I have the thread open for more apps in "Other." I'll post a link in a second.