So, I was wondering...

To maybe increase the scope of TTV as a thing, as a group, that if there are any fellow Tropers out there, we should get to work on a Pandemic Panda/TTV TVTropes Page, with full YMMV Page, Characters Page, Funny Page, Awesome Page, and maybe a Heartwarming Page. For sure a WMG and a Headscratcher page.

So, anyone else here a user on TVTropes who'd wanna do this with me?


Heard of TVTropes, use it every once in a while for the lolz, but I'm not dedicated enough to do this. Besides, I'm basically the guy who posts on the Never-Ending Eljay Fanfic the most, so I don't have the time. Also, school starts this Monday for me.

oh hey this actually got done

ultimate necropost

Yeah, eventually after this topic was dead for so long, I decided to just do it myself.

And then Kahi did some additional edits as well.