Tukelios (LDD MoC)

It's been quite the while since I last posted one of my LDD MoCs.

The Tukelios is a cow-like animal native to 2 of the 4 islands of the Zalero Archipelago: Yivaa and Ossavaa. Wild Tukeli are very dangerous when provoked, trampling any who wish for directions. Those tusks are not for show, they have caused many injuries in the past, and account for around 20% of all modern-day deaths. Any who find themselves near a herd of Tukelios are advised extreme caution.

It was about 500 years ago when these beasts of burden were first domesticated and brought to Delvaa. Breeding has caused a new subspecies of Tukeli- Tukelios Delvanesis, which physically identical to wild Tukeli (Tukelios Ossavanesis), but are less aggresive than them. In present day they are used to pull along caravans, carriages, and plows.

Also, beware their tails.

EDIT: Why is this not in the Level Infinity Super Epic MoC Topic Plus? This doesn't really count as one of my main MoCs (pretty much because it ain't IRL), but, I'll make an index topic sooner or later for my LDD MoCs, including those I have already posted (Well, only Kilgx and the H.O.M.E.R. for now, V.I.R.G.I.L. and H.O.R.A.C.E. are in the process of updating.


What a stony cow.

Nicely done! I love the look of the head

quite a neat beast

Not sure about the tail, but I like it.