Tukere, Tukar of Courage, or the Tukar Form of Hutere, My Self-MOC

The concept is weird, but this is a form that my self moc can take, other than his regular form.

Also, a Tukar is a very powerful species, very similar to a Toa. They have a set of powers, based on their main thing they have control over. He has control over Wind, iron, the Green, lighting, and, most of all, Courage. I probably forgot one.
Constructive criticism encouraged, as always.:turtle:


Super Toa God made basically.

Well anyway this MOC is pretty groovy. I do think the upper Torso is a bit on the spindly side though.

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And it isn’t even his final one.

The torso and back are bare. I think that should be the main focus as you improve on this MoC.


Yeah. That was my main complaint. (Yes, I complain about my own mocs)

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Oh my god that usage of that Stars gold piece on the face is awesome.
Also he looks like a cricket to me


What do you mean about this not being his final form? Do you mean I’m going to update this? Cause I just did, and I took your advice into account.
@Dolphin Thanks! And… okay.

could we see him with a different weapon considering he is master of many things :grinning:**

His weapon splits into two katana. His new version will have more weapons, though.

It’s a joke. I was referencing DBZ

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Oh. I don’t watch that.

Neither do I. I hate it :laughing:

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The head looks kinda wierd

I like the creative head design, but I think it needs some more chest armor.

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I’m going to post new pics soon. How soon do you want to see? (And where?)

You can just post them in a comment here.

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That was my plan.

Cool-looking moc. Nice colors too.

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Doesn’t look too bad, if not a little warped.

What do you mean?