Tuma Revamp v3: Gitting Gud

Tuma’s cool.
So I built Tuma.
With functions this time.
I overhauled the torso and rebuilt the limbs and stuff.


Back view
Move the levers to move the blades.
And the normal gear function’s there too.


Edgy pelvic thrust.

Folded arms

That’s it. :smile:


IMO looks much better without the lime claws on the torso.

Overall a large improvement from V2.

Still loving this revamp!

If I had to critique anything, it’d be how blocky the pelvis is.


Looks good! the waist is super blocky though.


Yeah you should find a way to make the waist a bit longer, maybe use a vahki waist and a metru chest, and the MOC seems a bit messy but that could be the lighting.

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Cool, I love his torso design!

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The pelvic thrust is 3edgy5me.

The rest is fine, however.


The model is pretty messy. The back is clustered with the 2015 gearbox, the crotch section is blocky the red and blue pins make it worst, and the leg could of been better.
Other than that, the moc is alright.

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can pelvic thrust 10/10

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The blades can move like in the movie? Sweet!

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The functions are cool but the MOC is really messy. I’d also recommend trying something different for the waist. Maybe use a different armor in the thighs as well? I really like that sword though.

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I love it.
My only complaint is that the pelvis is blocky.
Otherwise, it’s really good (and makes me want to buy the set)

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Thanks! :smile:

Thank you, and I want to fix that eventually. The pelvis was the hardest part TBH.

Probably is. I have it set up in an odd way.

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:
Tuma’s a pretty messy set, though.

You mentioned the pelvic thrust 20/10

Yup! :smile:

Yeah, I’m not a fan of the waist, either. That was like the hardest part.
Wait, why? I like the aesthetic they give off.

Thank you!

Thanks everyone. :smile:

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Liked the ribcage you had before. Also the red/blue pins stick out more than other, especially on the waist.

Other than that, it looks pretty nice.

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That’s the most polarizing part of the MOC. :laughing:
Yeah, I want to fix the pelvis up, but I dunno how to do it.

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its to mesy

it is the mesiests moc ive ever seen

maek it les messi

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They look kind of awkward because they’re wider than the technic structure of the thighs.

Keep forgetting to say, the only part it’s really wider than is the connection.

You got gud, 12.7543/3

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Thanks! :laughing:

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