Tumblrite ghost-mantis: A question of Lewa, and the concept of marching bands

“Now what will come out of this? A new mask of power? Some tooth-claw creature? A Matoran marching band?“

-Toa Lewa in “Endgame”

I wish Greg was still taking questions because I desperately want to know how marching bands fit into the canon. I understand that this was a comedic throwaway line, but it really could fit in with his character background. Lewa had so many mental traumas by this point that you could say this was either a recovered memory from a very strange adventure or a result of any of the numerous mental attacks on his person.

Were marching bands a thing on Metru Nui and they found out about it through the Turaga’s stories? Was this something he picked up while being controlled by a Krana or contact with the Bahrag? They certainly played up his connection with the Bohrok as a source of knowledge in canon. Or did his link to Makuta through the infected mask info-dump this into his brain?

Lewa could have knowledge of a lot of things that the others don’t just from all his mental contacts with the enemy. Moreso after his run-in and body-switch with Tren Krom.

Hey, hey! Apologies for the, uh… odd formatting of this and all. Recently I just realized I could prove very useful to the number of bio-tumblrites, and there are still quite a few out there, who, well, have canon based questions, but no way to get them answered seeing as how I am apparently the only one of us to have a TTV account. Due to this many also don’t actually know you, Greg, are still answering questions anymore.

So, due to this I have decided to begin accepting, and then posting up here any questions they want answered.

This post, while not sent to me, was what gave me my realization, and started the idea. So it’s not exactly worded… properly for one of these question posts.
I basically just pasted the exact post so apologies for that.


Well, we know the Matoran have music … and we also know that they have holidays like Naming Day … so certainly something akin to a marching band could have existed. I doubt it had baton twirlers, but the concept was probably the same.


Interesting. I always wondered this myself.


Ghost-Mantis sends his thanks!

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