Turaga delkas

I made a turaga

he is a le turaga,
his name is delkas
he's grumpy,
that's all I got...

he's wearing robes, man my camera messes with the colors. that's mata and metru green, ugh.

size comparison, he's in scale with my toa and matoran

btw that's an icecone.

so how is it?


I like his size, he looks like an actual Yoda and not just a more complex Mctoran.


Those light-green pieces of his body make him look like he could bundle up and hide as a bush! Nice build overall, the staff is a nice touch.


I dunno how I feel about the staff, it seems disproportionately thick, but otherwise I like him!


Good parts usage. He just looks too manly to be a Turaga.

what do you mean?

His shoulders are too wide to me. They make him look too manly to be a Turaga =P

he's a burly turaga, I guess, honestly it's because of what I used for the base.

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Sideways Bohrok bodies? =P

those are just to simulate robes, they don't serve any functional purpose,
I used a zamor launcher for the core of the torso. which is why the arms are as far apart as they are,
they're attached to the "arms" of the launcher.


Ah. That makes more sense =P

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I like the lighter green. It reminds me of a jungle cloak.

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Idk but He looks like bal >3< (also name looks like Daleks)