Turaga Kaita (Matau Nokama Nuju)

Ages ago @Creep suggested I make Turaga Kaitas and now it’s finally happened. Here is the first Turaga Kaita, made with the pieces of Turagas Matau Nokama and Nuju. No other pieces were used. I drew inspiration from the Turaga Kabaya for the legs and arms, but the torso is my design.

Currently the legs can not move so it can pose better. You can remove one of the two pegs connecting legs to torso to let them move.


Very well done, 10/10 I love it!

Simple. Effective. Old.
Turaga Kaita, for your household needs

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He’s pretty Shweet. :wink:


Nice :smile:

It’s nice.
Now 3 old people can form into a big old person.

Building Instructions are available on Brickshelf.

Disclaimer: Yes the images are blurry. My camera got stolen months ago and this new one is pretty crappy.

@Political_Slime @Chronicler @JMP Tell me what you think.

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it’s alright considering

thanks for tagging me, I do love me some kaita :blush:

its a bit bare bones, but considering the sets you were using, that is to be expected. I’m not a fan of Matau’s feet on the legs, and I would have switched the masks on the shoulders. Otherwise, :+1:

I am a sucker for the old turaga/bohrok va sets, and making things with them. :slight_smile: I love the throwback!

I can make them point downward so they are more part of the feet. that might look better.

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Yeah, that might work better. :slight_smile:

Someone’s been skipping leg day… and every other day

looks cool, love the weapons for hands

Hey, ‘day week’ was on monday, but then he got drunk and slept for a month.


Alright slime I’ve altered the legs and shoulders.

I used the extra pins that kept his hips and transferred them to the legs.

He can also sit just like a regular Turaga.

My idea was that his weapons could flip back when not in use.

Or use his weapons as crutches.


it’s cool that you figured out the leg movement, and the new position of the green heads looks a lot better

I like :3

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I like how when he sits down his feet turn into guns.

lol, I didn’t think of it that way. So when he’s got his feet on the table, he’s secretly aiming his “toe guns” at you.

That looks pretty cool!

Combiners are hard to do, and you’ve done it well!

Nice job, have a badge! :smiley: