Turaga Kaulusi of Fire

So this guy's a pretty simple build as he is a turaga, I just wanted to find a way to use up my one grey rahkshi foot piece. I think the design works well overall, but I was wondering what you guys thought. Also, red Pakaris FTW.


Nice MOC! The torso design is very nice and unique.

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Yea, I've been finding that feet have a good use for armor, esp on the torso.

Hmm... The body build is a little odd.
The back feels empty...

Other than that it looks fine to me.
I do enjoy the color scheme smile

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I suppose it does. Also I've noticed a bit of a gap between the foot piece and the back, I'm going to fix that. =P


That's a nice way of doing the turaga builds.

Pretty cool. Not a fan of the everbent limbs but that kinda helps the hunch out.

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