Turaga Kopaka 2015

Hello everyone this is my first moc which is simple and small but turaga were small and simple compared to the toa so here he is


Looks okay I guess, but the feet look really off and huge, also the chest plate is too big for the body.

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Doesn’t really remind me of a Turaga but looks more like a smaller version of a Toa

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the feet are huge for the transformation mode(s), here he is in his transformation modes:

Flight mode to travel faster in the air

The turret mode is useful in a jam

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there are some problems
bu it is okay

Reminds me of the “attack modes” in Beast wars.

That’s not a good thing.

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Kinda derpy IMO

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Problems? and yes i know the chest plate is a bit big

Idk, the transformation looks like it’s there just for the sake of it. Also it looks very cluttered.

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I agree
Turaga are not Transfromers
and this is no Glavatron


It’s alright, my points of criticism are the same as everyone’s above. Also, the transformations aren’t really transformations, they could definitely use some improvement I think.

Nice work though.

Really, really weird.

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You should use one of the 2015 armor addons as a chest plate. imo

also why is this a sneak peek?
since that means it is coming soon?

This just looks weird on so many levels and even if Kopaka and the other Toa became Turaga, I highly doubt that they would transform like this.


I thinks It’s cute!.. but I feel like he doesn’t have any feet!
I know this is because he has transforming features, but it just looks kinda awkward.
In the end, though, it’s not bad!

I like that staff build

Sneakpeak topics are not allowed…but considering that I see something loosely resembling a finished MOC- I will try to rate it.

The build is insanely Awkward and the feet are uncalled for, not to mention that this chest-piece does not simply work for build this small.

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It looks okay?
It looks more like a modified kopaka, and for a turaga I would just use a protector build IMO

also this/[quote=“MakutaTexxidos, post:19, topic:25291”]
Sneakpeak topics are not allowed

My first thought when seeing that
“Megatron, is that you?”