Turaga Makuta - Piano Covers

Hello. I hope you enjoy my videos where I play music from the BIONICLE trilogy.:slight_smile:

The Way of the Bionicle

Mask of Light

Legend of Mata Nui

Mr. Nathan Furst about my video:


love the piano. Tried any other tracks from the movie? Seriously this is great

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This is so good!

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Sounds good, coming from someone who has played the piano in my past. The Turaga Vakama is fantastic XP

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I love it smiley

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you really have some talent good sir smile

Hello! I updated the first post and added all my videos there. Hope I can record something new very soon!

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Hello, my new video:

I hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Hello again! I am glad to announce that the work on the big track on the BIONICLE theme continues. And I am also glad to announce that now my tracks will be available on Apple Music (https://music.apple.com/ru/artist/turaga-makuta/1529196796), as well as soon on Spotify and other services. Although the first track is taken from the video of the same name (The Way of the Bionicle) and sounds very raw, but this is due to the fact that I really wanted to test the system.

And one more small teaser: