Turaga Onua

Ok ok… It’s way to simplistic right? Well… You cannot complain about that when the actual Turaga look like this! (And I did not just modify a turaga set either)


Yes you did. It’s a simple Turaga skeleton with a Pakari slammed on it.
Yes, for the extremely minimalistic concept it should be, it works. But you can’t deny the fact that it is way too simple (and, seeing that you only changed a couple of pieces, a little lazy) to be called a moc.


It’s cool I guess, but I feel like you could put in a little more effort for a far better end result. :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t Turaga Onua have some sort of claw staff? And yeah you basically did Pakari up a Turaga Whenua.

You could have designed a Turaga with a unique build, unique staff, interesting build. Replicating a clone set with a 2 part change is going to get criticism.


Also why is a Turaga having a Great Kanohi Mask?

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beacuse i don’t have another mask to put him on

The actual turaga didn’t have a HUGE GAPING HOLE IN THEIR CHESTS!!

His staff is too small and he needs to be recoloured, he’s also not hunched over, I suggest moving his head like in whenua, therefor you fix the hole problem and make it look more like onua
@Toa_Vladin is right as well, It’s not a moc