Turaga Question

I have a question about turaga. On Metru nui, do turaga have terms as a turaga, or do they stay as the turaga until they die and a new one steps up. Either way, is there some sort of turaga election? That is all.


Turaga isn’t just a species, it’s a job and a function. Each species and sub-species is created for a role in Mata Nui’s body, much like how we have different cells for different functions for ours. So, being a turaga isn’t something you retire from. You’re in it for life.

If there is no Turaga, it seems a matoran will serve as the leader of the village. We know they held regular elections in Mahri-Nui, but I’m not sure if that extends to other matoran settlements. It seems Kirop was always the leader of Karda-Nui until the Makuta showed up. Not sure who led Voya-Nui when Jovan kicked the bucket, if anyone.

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I know it’s not the same but Garan became the leader of the voya nui Resistance and axxon also briefly lead as well.

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