"Turaga" Turahk

So, before I started looking at Velika for my story expansion, I thought of making Miserix the antagonist. He is the last surviving makuta, so I figured he might want to control the Matoran universe after Teridax died. Miserix never gave up his inner light, and was probably going to be killed by Velika anyway, so it doesn’t make much sense now. But the thought was there.

Anyway, I made the first two Turaga Nuva, and then I wondered what would happen if there was a rahkshi “turaga”. The result was this: “Turaga” Turahk

Not technically a Turaga of course, but same basic concept. Might also be considered a Rahkshi Va or something. No purpose for my story expansion, but I think it is pretty cool.

Also did some experimentation on the color editing for this pic. Versus my other pics, how do these look? Better? Worse?


This is neat little MOC. I like the idea of a Rahkshi Va like thing. but hey that’s an opinion, my opinion. :smile_cat:

Youre really going with that catchphrase huh? :grinning:

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Yes. Yes i am :smile_cat:

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Seems a little reminiscent of the outro for MatPat’s Game Theory. Is that a reference? :wink:

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Yeah it started out a reference.

Neat little MOC, reminds me of the Rahaga.

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I approve, except for the ball above the head.

Otherwise, great!


I’ve been thinking the same thing. I wanted to use the original spine case as a base (in case I wanted to add a kraata), but I didn’t know what to do with the end. It was too far back to put the head, and the double ball here gives some nice articulation. I could try flipping it, but then he would have an awkward ball sticking out of his groin…

Either that or a tail. Did they have tails in the movie? I don’t remember.

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wow, that’s actually kinda cute :flushed:

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In the movie, no, they did not. Their spines just sort of came to a point a bit farther away from their backs than the sets did.

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Basically Norik. :stuck_out_tongue:
The balljoint annoys me, but otherwise it’s pretty good!

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Looks very cool!