Tuyet and Helryx concepts Naho political problems

So, as I have just recently listened to the newest podcast, in which a long discussion emerged about what the leader of the Arbitors (I’m 100% sure I spelled that wrong, I don’t care) would be called, the suggestion went back and forth between Helryx and Tuyet. I prefer it being Tuyet, and I’m going to give concepts on why.

So they went over how Gali joins the Arbitors despite not having powers, and how she uses her intelligence to prove herself to them. I think there is some awesome character stuff we can do with that. After Tuyet accepts her into the Arbitors, she acts as a mentor figure to Gali, Gali enjoys her life and deeply trusts Tuyet. As time goes along the two become friends. Later on when Gali becomes Gali, she returns and is forced to face off with Tuyet. Now I’m about to explain why it should be Tuyet.

So, Tuyet is the military/law-enforcement leader of the Naho region. In G1 Tuyet was well known for both her serial killing spree as a Toa, and her alternate universe where she took over and led the Toa Empire. Now, my thoughts are that you keep her in her role as the Arbitor, and as Gali returns, Tuyet feels betrayed by Gali, someone she trusted, who has now embodied something she hates (The Toa). As Nokama welcomes the arrival of a Toa to the Naho region, Tuyet begins to plot against her. Tuyet’s power is not official, but she has the support of the military and law-enforcement. This leads to Tuyet turning on the Priests, and taking over, making her face off with Gali even more emotional. Not only does she hate the Toa, she helped Gali train and acted as a mentor to her, and then she turned on the Priests, and the system of the Naho region, betraying Gali in the same way she feels Gali betrayed her.

As soon as she takes power she decides that her main goal will be to begin invading the island, to make a ‘perfect world’, that she feels only she can provide. This is how Naho is dragged into the civil war. As the war continues she grows more and more insane, having those who speak out against her executed (If you were doing this in a show style you don’t need to show it just suggest it). This could be a plot for Hahli, who is (from what I gathered) the Princess/next-in-line of Naho. It could also be a plot for Macku who feels torn between her friends Gali and Hahli, and her duty to the arbitors.

Tuyet is the public military leader of the Naho region, often considered to be an only child, this is a lie, she has a sister, a sister who is much more crafty and secretive, she uses deception to her advantage, and manipulates people into giving her what she needs. This sister’s name is Helryx, throughout the war Tuyet relies on her sister’s advice, and connections to guide her through the war. Helryx uses a vast network of spies spread out across the multiple regions, having teams launch attacks, or steal things to protect the Naho region. She acts as a major catalyst, working with her sister to bring the Naho region into the civil war.

As the war begins to draw to a close, it becomes clear that one of the more major threats, is Tuyet, who is by that point, paranoid, and insane, she seeks to take over the entire island, showing no signs of being willing to talk. As this happens the toa decide that they need to remove Tuyet from power, as they sneak into the Naho region, and break into the temple/palace now turned into Tuyet’s main base, they manage to face off with many the guards who serve Tuyet, despite the strength of the Toa, they still manage to lose this fight due to overwhelming numbers (Perhaps only half the toa team is there?), and as they are brought before the now insane Tuyet, she laughs, talking about how they brought suffering to the people of Naho, and are the villains of the story, giving full on evil villain monologue. Her sister Helryx watches from the shadows, and as Tuyet is about to kill Gali and the other toa, Helryx moves from the shadows, stabbing Tuyet in the back, both literally, and metaphorically.

Helryx remains calm as her sister dies by her hand, she gives Tuyet an apology, explaining how she had to do something to save everyone. As Tuyet is killed by Helryx reveals that she has saved the young Princess Hahli, but was unable to save Nokama.

At the end of it all Hahli takes her place as leader of Naho, and begins to try and repair relations with other tribes, she appoints Macku her trusted and loyal leader of the Arbitors, and Hahli goes to meet with other leaders to begin to resolve the actions that Tuyet had taken. Including the different warlords of the fire region (Which if I remember includes Jaller {Insert Jaller X Hahli shipping here}. Helryx becomes the leader of the Naho spy service, and acts as an additional advisor to Hahli.

Also Naho is basically described in the podcast as a mixed Theocracy-Monarchy. It would probably be called a Theocratic Monarchy, but I’m just guessing.

Anyway, that is my pitch for what Tuyet and Helryx should be.


…So why does she hate Gali?

Parts of this sound good, but other parts may not be as effective since they’ve been done before. Pohatu also has a mentor who turns on him. It doesn’t go the same route, but there’s still the betrayal. It may feel repeated by having it happen to Gali.

On a side note, there have been a lot of pitches lately that want to make characters be related. Some want a sister for Kopaka, a brother for Kopaka, a sister for Tahu… Characters don’t have to be related to have an interesting dynamic. (That’s not directed at you, I’ve just been seeing it a lot)

I was going with the idea that the people of Naho hate Toa, which was mentioned in their podcast, though they were trying to figure out a motive, I believe they mentioned that there was an underwater city that Naho lost when their masks were taken away, leading to an over all resentment of the Toa and the rest of the island.

I know they don’t have to be related, I just felt it fits. It also makes Helryx’s betrayal of Tuyet more emotional. There is a difference between ‘this spy who works for me just stabbed me’ and ‘my sister just stabbed me in the back’. I will say that they don’t have to be related that could be taken out, I just needed a connection between the characters and went with that. The other possibility that still keeps the emotional part of the betrayal is Helryx and Tuyet being best friends in their childhood.

I would say I was trying to deal with the Helryx is a spy, and Tuyet is a traitor all at once, so that definitely interfered with thisz

It would be hilarious if Tuyet survives, and then is chosen to be in the next line of Toa!