Do any of you guys here use it? Know of it? I've made the TTVTropes topic prior to this, but here I just wanna discuss/acknowledge/whatever the site in general.

Although, it's no secret that I've begun work on the Pandemic Panda TVTropes Page. I imagine that of the cast, @Kahi would especially enjoy this, having referenced/been aware of the site in prior vids, most notably the Mask of Light coverage.


I love TV Tropes! Though it's ruined my vocabulary. stuck_out_tongue

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Yeah, it'll do that. Leme know when it ruins your life, too.

But yeah, if you wanna help me expand the Pandemic Panda article, that'd be dandy of you. I'm kinda lonely, only TTV Fan on the site, it feels like. ^^;

Hm, so far I've just spent a lot of time browsing; I don't have an account. I think I might go make one in a minute, though.

Edit: I signed up as Sir John Smith of Bionicle.

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Oh, by the way, minor edit that I think is noteworthy of mentioning. Added "Guest Star Party Member" Citing Swert, Heir, and our very own @Awesomenessborn as examples.


;D Thanks!

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I specifically said in private before that a milestone for us is getting our own TVTropes page. I've wanted to do one for a long while, but I didn't want to start it, because that would be kind of lame. So it had to be a fan.

We've done it, guys. We've come this far. sunglasses


So, does that mean you plan on adding to it and editing it? 8D

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Already done!


...I started TVTroping maybe a year ago.
My life has never been the same. Ever nook and cranny of what I liked has been dissected by thousands of others. Nothing is special. It was terrible but I had to keep watching as they analyzed everything.
And now forever will I know these things, and my life has been forever ruined.

It's okay I guess.

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Who likes TV tropes' new layout?

I, personally, hate it.

I'm sorry, I like TV tropes, but the old layout was laggy on my computer, and the new one is worse. I'm lucky if I can read one page before it crashes.

Wait, there's a new layout? I had a few TVTropes pages open just a few days ago and I didn't seem to notice any new layout... what're the differences?

I agree about the lag though, having just a few pages open seems to tank my browser entirely. And those video advertisements bug me to no end, especially being in a situation where I generally have to watch my internet usage. When I click the pause button I mean PAUSE, not PAUSE UNTIL THE NEXT VIDEO WOULD START HAD IT NOT BEEN PAUSED AND THEN JUST START PLAYING THAT ONE.