Twilight Takanuva (with Onu-Koro Sundial)

I special ordered a pendant with the Onu-Koro Sundial on it, and I had some fun taking these photos of Takanuva as he's about to travel to Kardi Nui via portals. For those you don't know, the Onu-Koro sundial can act as a compass to the Codrex. The Order of Mata Nui shrunk the Sundial and gave it to Takanuva.

Takanuva is silver because he got part of his light sucked out by a shadow leach. (I prefer silver to the dark metal he has in the 2008 set.) Yes, I know Takanuva would technically have the three-pronged Power Lance. But unfortunately I couldn't find it in my stuff, so he just has his regular staff of light.

It's not really a true MOC, more of a composition Photo.


I think it looks pretty cool, I like the gold though, maybe on Spherus Magna, they've rebuilt Onu-Koro, and he then went there? Just a way to make the silver canon. 😋

Ok, I just reread the post, and yeah it looks better than the 2008 dark silver, at least.

I like this guy. He's got the original look, but also enough to make for a convincing 'shadow leech-ed' version. The sundial is a nice touch too.

So, this got it custom ordered?

No, he picked that up in one of the alternate universes, so you're technically canon. :smile:

Also this is a really simple, yet nice-looking composition. :thumbsup:

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Ya I got it from a local farmer's market from a booth that sells those resin pendants. Maybe you could find one at a Farmer's market near you.

@Political_Slime Thanks, that's good to know.

Interesting. Would be nice to get better looks at that pendant.

Huh. Pretty nifty! I like the concept. For some reason something seems off though, and I can't place it.

His eyes? The way his mask is a different color from his armor?

Yeah probably that.

They are slightly off putting aren't they? =P

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Here's a closer look at that pendant.


Guys, I have a rough translation of what's on that amulet:


Ooh, nice. Love that sundial.

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