Snikt snikt?


Aww, hes so cute!

And [quote=“RockyMountainRattlesnake, post:2, topic:49132”]
Where’d you get those hands from

they’re bootleg,

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Thanks man. Unfortunately they don’t appear to be available anymore. Lots of people on IG and Reddit have been trying to find them for months. But they’re gone.

They were on AliExpress if you searched for Lepin Bionicle. Or ynynoo bionicle.

From the back and sides, the legs are a bit too thin. Maybe add a tire piece?

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He’s pretty posable and expressive for a little guy!

Those feet look pretty good!

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That’s so cute!

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Looking at this I feel like it shouldn’t work for some reason… but it really does (cue Todd Howard “It just works”). I love how you’ve added more detail to those Mata feet (that armour piece connection is especially clever, like @RockyMountainRattlesnake said, I might have to nick that design!). The colour sceme looks great and I love the lens flare in the photos - it’s such a simple / subtle addition but it suits the MOC so well and gives a really nice atmosphere. Great job! :slight_smile:

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If tires came in gray I would totally do that. But I didn’t like how the black looks on this guy.

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