Twisted Destiny: Dark Beginnings

So I'll be writing a long story that technically takes place about 10,000 years after the death of Makuta Teridax, but will mostly be set 100,000 years before. I'll try to make this story fit into the canon story as well, doing lots of fact checking and stuff. I will be releasing this story by chapter as often as I write them! Also, I will try to make a Youtube series based on this story, and will be uploaded chapter by chapter each week. When the first video is up, I will put a link in here. Anyways, without further adieu, here is Twisted Destiny: Dark Beginnings.

Twisted Destiny; Dark Beginnings
By Avery Swindell
-10,000 years after the reign of Teridax-
Five beings stood around the an ancient doorway. Battered, weary and tired, they had traveled through tens of mios of desert to get to this spot. An old remnant of times long past, a Dark Hunter fortress. It had been at least 5,000 years since the once powerful crime organization had been shut down by Toa Tahu and his team. Since then, the Order of Mata Nui had been collecting and destroying any trace such an organization ever existed.
Only a handful of the bases the Dark Hunters were able to establish in the short period of confusion after the Great Spirit Mata Nui had defeated Teridax, have survived the purge, and even fewer have escaped treasure hunters and poor looters. Here was another one to check off the list.
“Well, if you’re so powerful, why don’t you just blast a hole in the wall?” A red one sarcastically asked.
“Because, Dark Hunter’s don’t have the brains of a taeka shark, unlike you. There’s got to be some sort of code or…” A skakdi in green armor mused.
“What did your matoran guide say about getting in?” Another in blue armor jabbed.
“He didn’t.” The black one growled. The five argued amongst themselves, yelling and fighting.
“Why don’t we use your thick skakdi skull as a battering ram and bust the door down?!” The red one smashed his fist into the wall and made a sizable dent in the tempered protosteel wall. The group stopped their bickering and stared at the dent.
The red being gestured to the dent, “See? Brute force. Always works.” Three of the five began to use their tools to break through the wall. After roughly an hour of pounding away, a small sliver of light shone through.The lightstones still worked even after thousands of years of decay and misuse.
“All right, stand back!” A matoran pulled out two prongs from a bag. “Things are gonna get hot.” he stuck the prongs into the gap and pressed a button on each. the prongs began to glow red, then slowly shifted to yellow. The matoran began to slowly pull the gap apart. The gap started smoking as it got wider.
“Alright, I’ve been waiting for hours, I’m not gonna wait any longer.” The red armored being shoved the matoran aside and kicked the gap, making it large enough to squeeze through. He then crawled in. After several seconds, he beckoned the others inside saying “It’s safe!”
The matoran got off his back and just shrugged. he was used to getting pushed around by beings who just happened to be bigger than him. He groaned and then waited for the others to get through the hole, then he clambered on through.
The inside of the fortress was still brightly lit with an ominous orange glow from lightstones which should have needed replacing long ago. The room they were in was large and cavernous, with stone pillars reaching the ceiling. Carvings detailing the Dark Hunter’s plans sprawled the walls, and there were several rooms and hallways branching out of the main atrium. The group drank it all in, then the skakdi clapped his hands together and said “Well, let’s get to it then.” He then wandered off to one of the far rooms, looking for treasures and artifacts. The others snapped to, and began to loot as well.
The red being entered the first room on his right, the matoran went down a set of stairs, while a white armored hulking brute, similar to the Dark Hunter Krekka, went with the black armored skrall to a room which branched off several more times.
The entire fort was designed as a maze to keep looters just like these lost and confused before being found and killed. Unfortunately for the Dark Hunters, nobody was here to find or kill the intruders, but the layout of the building nonetheless succeeded in it’s goal. Beforehand, the group had agreed to meet at the entrance in 6 hours, and so far, the skakdi was the only one who made it back.
“Hello. Any rahi-brains lurking about?” He asked into the maze. No response. the skakdi shrugged and sat down, opening his bag to take a closer look at his findings.most of the rooms he went into were completely empty, and the little he did find, was close to worthless. He had worried that looters had already found the place and just forgot to use the front door. So inconsiderate. But after a few hours, He came across several rooms that looked like armories and trophy rooms.Delighted, he took whatever appealed to him without bothering to read plaques or labels. After taking a closer look at his findings, he discovered several toa tools, masks and several shiny golden objects he couldn’t quite name.
After another hour, the skakdi was still sitting there, but now he was starting to wonder what had happened to his comrades. Perhaps they already left before he got here, leaving him alone with his things. Again, very inconsiderate. He also imagined they found several traps, laid thousands of years earlier. He chuckled at the thought, after all, the more who died, the more shares he got. He began to consider just killing them when they returned anyway for making him wait so long. Down the hall, he heard the scraping of feet and light talking. Clunk.
“I’m tired of carrying it, why don’t you carry some?” Someone said in a slow and deep voice.
“Because, you’re the brawn I’m the brain. It’s your job.” Responded the other. It looked as though the skrall and his large companion were back.
“I don’t like my job. I want to come up with ideas.”
“You can, when you go back home.”
“But I don’t like my home.”
“Well I guess that’s too bad then. What’re you going to do about it?” One thing the skakdi had made a note of when he arrived, while clever and cunning, skrall still weren’t the best thinkers. They tended to underestimate most beings they came into contact with. Here was just another case. A large crash echoed throughout the chamber, followed by the sounds of a cursing skrall.
“I get to make ideas now.” Said the brute.
“Why you little- oof!” Another loud crash and some crumbling stone. The skakdi couldn’t keep himself from laughing a little.
“Or you get made into dust.” The brute finished. The skrall spat and groaned while the skakdi continued laughing. It was, after all, hysterical. The brute tossed their bag of trinkets onto the skrall, making him wheeze. “Carry.” The skrall obeyed with a mouth chalked full of curses. After that, it only took several more minutes for the others to arrive.
“So, what took you all so long?” The skakdi asked, still trying to recover from his laugher.
“What’re you talking about? We got here perfectly on time.” The matoran replied.
“Yeah, instead, what’s up with you being so early? Did you get scared?” The red one jabbed. Ignoring the insult, the skakdi asked to show to loot. The group emptied out every bag and started to sort through the pile. Overall, the group managed to obtain a great deal of treasures, which made the skakdi more interested in perhaps slitting one of their throats, maybe the red one, to make some extra money. He too, emptied his bag, and boasted his collection. They began to pick through his pile, the red one held up an ancient orange kanohi.
“This is one ugly mask. Wonder what It does.” He started to put it on, before Kardak swiped it from his hands and said “Tsk, tsk, tsk, don’t you know not to take what’s not yours.” He then put the mask on his face. The others looked at him for a few seconds.
“What’s happening?” The brute asked.
“Our stupid skakdi friend is trying to use a mask.” The skrall replied. The skakdi promptly kicked the skrall’s shin.
“Shut up, I know what I’m doing. It takes a while to learn the, ah, kinks.”
“Just let me, um… ah…” The skakdi paused, and then the entire room was enveloped in a golden light. All of the other’s reactions happened slowly, as though he were watching a slow playback of the event. The skakdi felt fine on the other hand, and moved as fast as he normally would.
“Strange. Funny, but strange.” Suddenly time sped back up. and the golden light disappeared.
“What just happened?” Yelled the skrall. The skakdi chuckled uncontrollably.
“What? What’d he do?” The skakdi continued laughing.
“Is it a mask of tickling?”
“Ah! Oh, oh you shoulda seen it! You were all moving so slow and… Ah ha ha ha!”
“Slow? Wait, but that means-” Time suddenly sped up and everyone yelled at him at an intelligible pace, sounding like squeaking bats. He fell on the floor laughing his heartlight out. After a few seconds, time once again returned to normal.
“-off! Take it off!”
“What? Why?” He asked, trying to contain his laughter.
“That’s the kanohi Vahi, the mask of time!” Explained the red one.
“What? No. I’m not giving it to you, especially now.”
“Jask, take it from him.” The skrall commanded. The large brute lumbered over to the skakdi muttering and complaining. he then picked up the skakdi who struggled in his grasp and threw the skakdi against the wall, knocking him unconscious. Then the brute took the mask from his head.
“What do we do with it?” He asked.
“It’s obvious you big oaf, we sell it, and split the money.”
“I say we destroy it. It’s too powerful, and if we keep it, the Order’s gonna be all over our rahi hinds.” The red one said. The matoran agreed, then Jask asked “Can I Smash it?”
The skakdi shifted in his sleep, starting to wake from his stupor while the others argued over who got to do what with the Vahi. The yelling and the fighting slowly pushed the skakdi closer towards consciousness, until he heard, “Hows about we all destroy it at the same time?” The skakdi woke up, realizing what they were about to do.
“All right, on the count of three…” The skakdi quickly stood up and ran as fast as he could towards the mask, for some reason feeling a deep desire to protect it. “One… Two… Three!” blasts of energy rapidly struck the mask just before the skakdi threw himself upon it. It was too late though, and the damage was done. Time warped and became disfigured, making everything slow down for the skakdi, but everything else speed up for the rest of the group. The skakdi felt an intense pressure wave slowly impact, and move through his body, as though something had exploded, and then several seconds later, the mask had indeed, blown up. Already flawed and spewing out time energy, the mask had become unstable and weak. in destroying the mask, all of time slowly tore apart. The skakdi could feel it, he could see everything, all that once was and all that will be raced through his mind, tearing it as well, to shreds. Then, he heard the Vahi speak, and it spoke of great legends and histories of lands past...

|Chapter 1
-100,000 Years Before the Reign of Teridax-
My name is Scarra, I’m a Toa of Ice. Me and my Toa Team have come here trying to tackle a small rahi problem. Unfortunately, It wasn’t that small. Scarra recited these facts to himself, checking for a concussion. His entire body felt like a Kane Ra bull had used it as a trampling ground. Slowly, he stood up, being careful not to pull anything. The sounds of battle were being drowned out by a ringing in his ears. That sonic blast shoulda been enough to knock me out. Lucky me.
Off in the distance another toa in red armor, Ordo, was calling out to him. Scarra rapped his mask with his knuckles, trying to make the ringing go away. He could just make out what Ordo was saying.
“Scarra! Are you okay?” Scarra then gave Ordo a thumbs up, just as a large silver wolf jumped from atop a building, headed straight for Ordo.
“Look out!” Scarra warned. Just before the wolf hit its target Ordo’s mask of shielding kicked in, causing the wolf to pounce off like a rubber ball, albeit a lot less gracefully. Scarra tried to find his Ice Spikes while Ordo fought off the silver wolf who was alternating between lunging at him, or using its sonic powers. Ordo continued to dodge its attacks, but just barely, both he and the wolf knew he couldn’t keep it up forever. It started to circle around him, closing in ever so slowly. it opened its mouth for another sonic blast and Ordo tried to roll out of the way, but the beast had learned its lesson and aimed right where he stopped rolling.
Ordo’s chest took the full blow as he skidded in the dirt, hitting a wall before coming to a stop. His vision faded, and his ears rang with intensity, but he was still awake and, more importantly, alive. Although, that might not last long. The wolf walked towards its downed prey, seemingly mocking him with its victory.
Ordo could feel the wolf breathing on his mask, preparing to feast. Where is Scarra? He asked himself. He didn’t leave me here did he? The wolf snarled and just before it made it’s final move, a blast of cold rushed past Ordo and sent to wolf flying. Scarra jumped in front of Ordo, raising his ice spikes in defense. The wolf leapt high into the air, falling back down onto the two Toa.
“Quickly brother, shield us!” Scarra commanded. Ordo nodded and used his mask power to put up another forcefield. The wolf once again landed on top of it, but this time it stayed on top. It began to try and break through using its sonic blasts.
“How long can you hold it brother?”
“Probably a minute, two tops.”
“That should be enough time then.” The wolf started pounding the shield with its claws.
“Time? Time for what?” Ordo was straining under the pressure of using his kanohi for so long.
“Here brother, I found these for you.” Scarra handed Ordo his pyro blades. “Now, point your blades at the wolf. When the shield drops, use then and together we can defeat this beast.”
“Alright brother, I hope you know what you’re doing.” Both Ordo and Scara pointed their blades upward, ready for when the Hau gave out. The wolf hit the shield with another sonic blast, making it visibly weaken.
“I can’t hold it much longer!” Ordo said.
“Drop the shield!” The forcefield stuttered, and then dissolved, leaving the wolf standing on little more than air.
“Now brother!” Both Toa used their elemental powers together, launching the wolf high into the air, then gravity pulled the wolf back down, crushing it into the dirt. Scarra formed ice around the wolf’s body, imprisoning it until the Makuta ame to clean up their mess. Ordo collapsed, exhausted and very weak. Scarra sat down next to him.
“You really had me worried there.” Ordo said between breaths.
“Did you ever doubt me?” Scarra said with a smile. Ordo laughed the laugh of one who was tired beyond sleep. “No my brother, not for a second.” Scarra chuckled too. Ordo held out his clenched fist, and Scarra tapped it with his own. It was a symbol of brotherhood and camaraderie which all Toa share.
Off in the distance another voice cried out, “Woohoo!” The ground shook as something got closer to the Toa. Wearily, Ordo stood up, readying himself for another fight. Scarra got up as well, although he was a little less worried. From around a corner came another, larger beast clad in red fiery armor, galloping at full speed.
“Here we go again.” Ordo said, raising his pyro blades. Scarra put his hand on one. “No brother, it’s safe.” The beast got closer, looking very, very hungry. “Scarra…” Ordo said nervously, but Scarra kept his hand on the blade.
The beast skidded to a halt, mere centimeters in front of the Toas’ masks. From atop the beast, a blue armored figured hopped down and swaggered over to the Toa.
“Hey boys, long time no see.” The figure said in a familiar voice. Ordo, who was still recovering from the sonic blast had to squint his eyes to properly see who it was. “Nida?” He asked. She laughed. “The one and only! What’s wrong with your eyes?”
“Sonic blast. He’ll be fine.” Explained Scarra. Nida laughed. “You mean you let yourself get hit by that wolf?” she joked. Ordo grumbled something under his breath.
“How did you manage to tame that… thing?” Scarra asked.
“Well, you just need to have a way with animals. I’m thinking of naming her Festa” She responded, putting her hand on the beast’s shoulder. Another figure landed behind the Toa.
“I don’t approve of this. You can’t keep every rahi-beast that looks at you.” He said coldly. “Oh Mereel, can’t you just have a little fun?” Nida sighed.
“Being a Toa-hero isn’t about fun, it’s about duty.” Mereel responded.
“Did you ever have any friends as a matoran?” Ordo could tell a fight was about to break out. Before Mereel could respond, Ordo got between the two. “Alright, break it up. Remember, it goes Unity, duty destiny. Let’s try to get along now.” The two were still glaring at each other for a few seconds before Nida broke off.
“Hmph.” Mereel turned around and walked off. Scarra went after him. While they talked, Ordo and Nida stayed by the newly named Festa.
“So how are things on the Southern Continent?” Ordo asked. Nida was petting her new mount. “Everything’s good, except for having to work with that stick in the mud. I did miss you guys, I hope the turaga lets the team get back together again.” She replied. Ordo nodded, it had been a while since the team was all together. Ever since the incident on Zakaz, the Turaga felt that it would be better to split up the team, until they could handle problems without blowing up half a village. They were all sent to separate islands to help the matoran there until a Makuta named Darvo accidentally created a half intelligent rahi that helped free several of his experiments. The rahi only managed to free two, the silver sonic wolf, and the fire bull which Nida tamed.
“Maybe after that Makuta comes and finishes cleaning up his mess, the Turaga will see we can work together.” Ordo said. Nida smiled, it was nice to talk with friends again. The matoran of the Southern Continent regarded her as a hero, but none of them saw her as somebody they could talk to, leaving the Turaga and Mereel her only sources of conversation. It got boring really fast. Scarra came back to Ordo and Nida without Mereel. Ordo asked where he went.
“He’s gone off to find our other brothers. They should have handled that semi-intelligent rahi by now.” Replied Scarra. Ordo nodded. Maybe the team could get back together before they inevitably were separated again. Mereel suddenly dropped from the sky landing right in front of the group.
“A’den and Corr are in trouble.”

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