Now, I don’t really know how to defend or truly describe twitter

but I’m certain I don’t need to, as I’m certain we all know what it is.

I only recently managed to finally make a Twitter of my own(@midknightnyran)

but I find it really cool, from parody/rp accounts like Emo Kylo Ren, to just keeping updated with content creators you like, such as the Game Grumps, whose accounts I all follow.

Speaking of Emo Kylo Ren, I got inspired, and made an additional account with a similar goal in mind.

@kinggardengoat AKA Failure King Asgore

I’ve only had it for like, a few days, but I plan to post all sorts of humorous jokes about Gardening, the loss of life, and making fun of Undertale and all its characters.

sometimes harmless, sometimes with the intent of expressing dislike.

So yeah, do any of you guys have twitter? (If you aren’t a Master, please don’t post a link to the account, just acknowledge the fact that you have an account - Waj)

additionally, what are some of your favorite accounts and stuff that you follow?


Disclaimer: If you are not a Master, please do not post a link to your Twitter account, as it is seen as promotion/advertising. Thank you :smile:


yeah, I don’t use twitter much lol

Becareful of twitter Nyran. From what I have seen, twitter has gotten a tad volatile recently.

But yeah, I do have a twitter. I have a main account and multiple RP accounts (my most notable being a Xehanort RP account).

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I really should do more with my account than retweet politics and Bionicle.

I have a twitter.
I could post.
I’m not gonna though…

Twitter is an okay meme. There aren’t that many content creators I watch, and the people I follow don’t post much. Kind of boring in my case.

Twitter is a meme?

Well, technically it is, but it’s very rarely noted as such.

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My current twitter page. It’s a parody page for Tahu.

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All I have to say is, #RIPTWITTER

Anita Sarkeesian and her ban-squad are silencing peeps yo.

pour one out for all the homies that went out

Somehow, I managed to pick up a follower whose username is Stoner Elmo.

I pretty much only use twitter to follow funny accounts and the roosterteeth folks

“very lonely luke” being one of them