Two Instances of Shapeshifting

I would like to ask fo some clarifications for two specific instances of when a Makuta shape shifted. When Gorast shape shifted into a blue warrior was she already wielding a chain mace and shield or did she create those with her shapeshifting powers? When Miserix grew wings did he shape shifted or was that his adaption power?


A Makuta could probably develop wings with their adaptation ability, but a Makuta can only use Rahkshi powers one at a time, and never unconsciously. So that would be pretty disadvantageous for them. As 100,000-year-old shape shifters, I imagine they could develop an instinct for shape shifting as needed, possibly with the assistance of that adaptation ability.

It’s worth noting that Miserix used multiple other Rahkshi powers while in his dragon form, so by previous logic we can rule out the idea of sustaining wings woth the adaptation power. I just ran through much of his appearances in the serials and the language is such that it’s unclear whether he still had wings when using those powers. So this part of my post may be irrelevant.

I don’t recall the Gorast scenario you mentioned, so I don’t have any insight on that matter

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When she found Vultraz in Brothers in Arms.

Teridax did this in Legends of Metru Nui using Shapeshifting, I don’t see why Miserix couldn’t.

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