Two Looks for Toa Yahru + Feedback Request

Hey guys, so I’m sifting through my Toa Yahru collection and I’m going through the different looks Toa Yahru has had over the years

Here’s the current look

And here is his CCBS look

Now here’s what my dilemma is.

I like Yahru’s current look because it gives him muscle and is mostly custom,

But I also like the latter (CCBS) since it looks more agile, giving him a wider range of motion.

I want to portray Yahru as a balanced and practical fighter. Having a balance of strength and speed. Looking strong enough to pack a punch, nimble enough to do a wider range of motion.

One of the issues is the forearms because I want to make Yahru look like he can strike with the elbows if he wants to, while not making them look too blocky.

Let me know your thoughts.


I personally prefer the custom stuff, especially for the forearm, although I definitely see the appeal of the CCBS and I like the way it flows with the shins. However, with the bare-bones approach of this specific CCBS design looks a little too spindly. I think a hybrid of the two might be the solution?


I’m hoping so.

I was thinking of using the Inika lower legs for the shins.

To be honest, both versions like a MOC that came out of 2014. But the first one looks more consistent, since the old BIONICLE textures and CCBS don’t mix well there.

I prefer the CCBS one to be honest.

I like the current version but I feel like the arms and lower legs need to be beefed up a little bit.


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I appreciate your thoughts.

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