Two Okotoan characters in need of names

I made this Okotoan body build and made two characters with it.

This guy's an inventor. He loves making things to help his village against the Skull Spider threat. He's terrified of many things, but is quite adventerous.

Unlike the fire villager, this one's brave. She's the second in command of her village's guard, shown by the black cloth underneath her armour. She feels that she doesn't help out enough and does her best to protect her village. Thanks to her training, she's learned not to fear.

Feel free to give an opinion and suggest names for these two!


Ahi for the fire villager, and Tio for the ice villager.

Leka and Volasi.

Cindus and Perma

Tarmu for the fire villager, Ti'lan for the ice villager.

Castor and Pollux


Loimura and Kylmyys.

Lugulbanda and Innana.

Feru and Garus

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I've made my decision

Ice: Ti'lan
Fire: Leku

Thank you for the suggestions! Let me know what your thoughts on the build are.

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