Two Suuper Duuper WIPs Which Need Finishing So Help Me Please ;-;

So, here are two super WIPs that I need finishing. One has no head, arms or legs, while the other has no body.


My MOCing method is strange.

Anyway, here's the imgursz

So, the first guy actually has a legit spine inside of him, so he can twist around and bend and stuff, which is totally cool. I made it last night, but in the light of day I have run out of steam and cannot make appendages.

The second needs a body. I've had these limbs hanging around for months before I finally decided to finish him today. I have a chest piece that I'd really like to use, as well as a shoulder pauldron, but IDK how possible that's going to be.

So yeah, help. Pl0x.


Cool stuff! I'd recommend spending a little time on a custom body for the second one


Yes, that's my intention, however, I have hit what one may call a creative dead-end. I have tried, and alas, I need help.

That white one looks super rad so far. I can't wait to see it finished.

Both of those look rad, yet i see caped guy using an Sword and Burly-man using an Hammer (with a bit of spin) stuck_out_tongue


I have an Idea. Take both of em and putem together!
/s (?)


Black WIP: Make him a Gadunka version of your selfMOC.

White WIP: Give him a rather slender torso with a sword that can attach to it, and be covered by his cape. You can use a Bohrok or Metrutoran arm to attach both his head and the cape piece.

Give that white guy some custom hands

Just do it

The rest looks great

... Kopaka and Onua?

But these are coming along quite nicely, I can't wait to see them finished!

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Yeah I'd really like to see that body with those limbs tbh

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I'm gonna steal parts of the design for that first one. It just looks so good!