(Two WIPs) Super Ginrai and Whirl

Awhile ago I adopted a new way of MOCing.
That being build half the MOC in whatever colours you have, then put it into Stud.io and eventually order the parts from Bricklink.
Sadly I never get around to ordering stuff from bricklink, so MOCs tend to remain unfinished.
So since I have two new MOCs, and have no clue when I’ll actually have them in physical form, I decided why not post them as WIPs, just to get them out there.


First off we have IDW/MTMTE Whirl, with Chromedome (an older MOC that I still haven’t ordered)

Then we Have Super Ginrai/Powermaster Optimus Prime, with my G1 Optimus.

I’ll do proper, more indepth topics, showing their alt modes, etc., once I’ve actually built them IRL. However untill then this is all I have to show.


huh, no comments. well imma change that

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I love the accuracy

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