Tyrene, Dragon Queen of Narada

To put it simply, Tyrene is a Dragoon/Dragon Queen.

Here's a picture.

To further explain, a Dragoon is a kind of warrior/knight that can harness the energy of dragons. They often weild a spear or a glaive. Tyrene however, is a special case, she has the ability to transform into a dragon(not an actual function of the MOC), thus the wings on the back.

The people of Narada respect her, not only because she is their queen, but because she had effectively destroyed a creator of their home that had forsaken them for darkness. Therefore she is known as a godslayer to the entire galaxy in which she lives.

She cares deeply for her people and defend them at any and all cost...

...Even if it means destroying the creators of her world.

Anyway, I've probably rambled on too much, I hope that this Catches your attention @Venom I know that the images aren't the best but, I hope that this MOC ends up on the MOC spotlight sooner or later. Thanks for your time, and any constructive criticism helps.

Have a wonderful holiday and new years as well!


she's OK but

where's the eyes?

I also think that, while it works with the color, I think the baby blue/medium/light azure sticks out abit, maybe add some more?

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I like her colors, and her build is pretty good, too.

I agree.

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Thanks for the thoughts on my project so far, as for the eyes they are behind the Nuva Shoulder armor being used as a visor. I'm glad people are paying attention here, it makes me happy to know that the people here know what they're doing!

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Pros are 2 points and cons are -1 points

Consistent color scheme
Wings are decent
Custom head

Simplistic build
Confusing to look at
No eyes? How can it see
Arms are too simple
Legs are simplisticand look like it cant hold up moc
Torso is terrible too look at
Head is just unrecognisable
Doesnt look like much of a godslayer

Overall... -2
Just terrible from head down
Dont know what im looking at a godslayer or a jumbled up bionicle stew of blades
Doesnt give good vibe and my recomendation is just to start over

Be more specific on how the limbs, torso, head, and whatever are bad. Otherwise, its not criticism.

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@Mayple said,"Be more specific on how the limbs, torso, head, and whatever are bad. Otherwise, its not criticism."

You have your opinions
I can still hate them
And its still criticism in my view if it isnt in yours

Just a little heads up. You can just highlight the words in the post and hit the "qoute reply" button to quote the user like I have just done. Another alternative is to tag the user and reply directly, no need to repeat their post.

Except I haven't posted my opinions. And yes, that is criticism... But it's really crappy, unhelpful criticism


Yeah, that really isn't a great grading scale.