Tyrene's Ultimate Dragon Form: Azura Flairos

Remember Tyrene?, well I have managed to put together her best, and most powerful dragon form, Azura Flairos! I hope you people will enjoy her as much as i do. here are some photos...

This moc is my pride and joy, and I have worked really hard on this one.
Also, if @Venom could do a moc spotlight on her i would be overjoyed!,
as well as I would like to see others opinions on her as well. I hope you people are enjoying the new year, happy MOC'ing and have a great year peoples!

Kind regards, ~Tenarren


I like the look of this! The body could use some more white, but excellent job overall.

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Nice! I love the head design! Although it does seem every gappy with exposed connectors and such around it. Keep it up! :smiley:

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looks lovely

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Such blue...so armoured.
This dragon's a knight.
OF the winged table.

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This is beautiful. I love fantasy beasts MOCs.
It looks armored, but I think it is the design you were aiming for. My only complaint would be the lack of armor on the "part of the leg you see in the last photo". I don't really know how I am supposed to call it...

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Thanks for the compliments!, and yes i see what you are talking about @Omega , however, i do not have the parts to fix this issue and nor can i afford to (money wise, I'm poor).
The idea i was going for in the upper and middle parts of the legs was to create some way to keep the MOC not only standing, but also provide some playability/poseability.

@Stoax I am glad you like her, and i will see what i can do for more white around the torso.

@Toa_Of_Shadows Are you referring to the connectors in the wings?, because i see none in the head. And thanks for the compliment! :smiley:

@JMP I am glad you think so!

@Cyclopian She's not only a knight but a Queen of Dragons! :laughing:

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