Umarak revamp


Love the legs! He looks so cool!

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@Darknova3529 Thanks!!, btw he is only partially based on the JtO version.
@RaptorTalon Yeah I'm trying to fix that, Thanks for the feedback :blush:
@PakariNation99 Thanks man!!! also feel free to use the leg design if you want as long you give credit :smiley:

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Umarak already was my favorite G2 set and you just made him even better, the lower legs are perfect, and the bow being able to fold up and be stored is a simple upgrade but works very well. I do feel the legs could be a tiny bit longer, like add a friction joint to the upper legs or something, because they fell a bit short to me.

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Yup.. Just great...

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Well done! :smiley: I also think about adding movable joins to the bow of my Umarak.

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Yeah, it's a lot more accurate to JtO and it's sooooo simple to do

How did you make the legs?

Nothing change but the legs.
I hope we get to see your revamp of umarak the destroyer someday.