Umarak the Hunter and Destroyer

I made this for @HaliTheMaskMaker’s art contest. I was however eliminated before I could enter it, but I wanted to put it up here anyway.

This was my first entry before elimination, and I think he turned out pretty good.

On his hunting knife are inscriptions of him hunting the elemental creatures.

And now, the Destroyer.


Look at dis dood, he wants me to roast his whole family.

No hard feelings


Yeah, I don’t actually have the mask, so I was just going off of a picture. Also, I was trying to make it look like a rotten wood carved skull warrior mask. That’s what I think his mask looks like.

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Other than the mask the only other bad thing is the bow.

I wanted to give it actual arrows instead of create-a-generic-villain-just-add-shooting things.

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