Umarak the Hunter Drawing

Hey everyone, back again with a new Bionicle drawing! This time it’s Umarak the Hunter!

I went for a undead look for Umarak, having his black ooze skin revealing crystal Green bones in areas. You might recall that I did Umarak the Destroyer a few weeks back, so I’ll put a link here soon so it’ll be convenient.

Here it is:

I’ll also be doing a new topic where I’ll post my random drawings that I do when I’m bored. Anyways, take care! :laughing:


I think you accomplished the look of Umarak successfully here. Good job!

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I like the creativity and style here.

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Groovy MOC man. I love your art style.

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Really good! Your art style is quite interesting and you draw pretty good too! Only issue I take with some of these is that they look too organic for my taste, this is no exception, however that doesn’t mean it is a really nice drawing.


I’ll respect that. Since Umarak looked like a mythical creature, I went with more of an organic feel than the common mechanical look that Bionicle has.

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This is really good looking, but just a tad bit too organic-ish for me.


Holy crap, man, this looks freaking awesome :smile:

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this is really nice, love that fur pelt look on his torso :smile:

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