Umarak The Shadow Hunter

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Except he does very little hunting and let his Shadow Traps and Shadow Spawns do all the work which he can summon thanks to his hunter staff.

It’s based of a Leshen from The Witcher III in case you’re wondering.

Bonus Shadow Spawn


looks really nice, that body is pretty interesting, I can’t figure out how you did it

A very interesting take on Umarak, even though I think the set is perfection.

Nice work.


Ooh, that skull is creepy…

Great work here, the cloth elements really add to it!

This really drives the whole evil spirit vibe home. The decision to give him a skull for a head and the addition of those cloth pieces make him an interesting take on the character.

He looks even more mythical then he did before. Great job

This is fantastic! I love how you did the torso there, with the Ribcage armour on the sides. The whole MOC is fantastic looking, and I love the use of the cloth pieces.

Great MOC, great work! :smile:

Yeah, I could tell.

I don’t really see it as being Umarak, but as a MOC in general it’s fantastic.

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The moc is amazing epically that head

I don’t exactly see Umarak in this, moreso a Shamanistic witch doctor or something of the like.


Ok, now this is really freakin cool

Really, really impressive shaping.

Woah man, this just looks so cool!

this reminded me of the skull basher skull that became the Skull Scorpio skull

I really like this guy but he doesn’t feel like umarak

He looks fantastic!

I love how you played up the Wendigo look.

Can you say Bone Heads? :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s one cool skull.

The antlers are top notch…

That head makes the Moc that much better I would definitely put that skull head and antlers on display, its really cool