Umarak the warlord


Wow that sword looks really good with Umarak


Hmm that sword goes really good with Umarak. Like the bow to.:smile_cat:

The torso looks great… but the legs just don’t work for him. They look weird.

I’d agree with that. I like his bow and sword too! His chest armor looks a little too far forward to me, though.

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Umarak, where are thy horns? Other than that, great MOC.

It kinda looks like a simplified umarak. It looks good, but I dont see anything that different form the og one but the legs and weps. Sorry

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well, i think the biggest difference is that now it has a gear box

Me to. Me to Boris.

What. The hell. Is that!?

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I… don’t… know. i just found it on the internet when i look up weeping GIF’s.

oftopic, but @Darth.Ben.Ben @BorisTheBiomech it’s some Kamen Rider stuff. Don’t ask

eitherway the moc’s lookin alright

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