Umarak's Rage

Umarak’s consciousness was thought to have been destroyed during the final battle against Makuta, however there have been sightings of a hunter ablaze in crimson stalking okotans from the shadows.

Yes, Umarak has returned, his body fueled by the immense hatred within him, his prey?
Makuta himself.
And he’ll stop at nothing to finish this final hunt.

Yes, this is effectively a palette swap, but who cares it looks cool.


nice reskin my dude :ok_hand:

EDIT: Wait… where’d his bow go?


That, and the fact that this has already been done several times before. I dare say you could’ve used the opportunity to make several adjustments in the falls of Umarak’s design (unless I am simply not looking into the updated model well enough).

Additionally, oh God that green “Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular” in his torso, with all of the red in the model, just makes my eyes want to turn inside out.

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he gave it to Skull Basher in place of his axes


This is quite a nice recolor. I’m almost tempted to say that I like this look better than the original, but it’s hard to really say.

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a couple of people have done this color swap already, but still looks nice


sigh I so need to get back to finishing my ice Umarak.

This is great. :+1:


Oh… that’s cool.

Great recolor

Please get rid of the green piece in the chest if you wanted to make this a complete recolor. It’s bothering me. :s

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I’m definitely a fan, but it’s almost entirely the headlining photo, emulating that iconic scene from JtO that piqued my obsession with this idea. I mean, I like what you were going for, for sure; if I were you, I would have followed up with something spectacular to capitalize on that photo.

I want to see that mask on Skull Grinder build.