Umarak's rampage

Hey again, more art!

Here is a portrait of Umarak the destroyer, rampaging through Okoto's woods on a mission to collect the shards of the forbidden mask. Took nearly 2 weeks of my time to finish this piece. As usual, I used adobe photoshop and a Wacom tablet. Thoughts and opinions are welcomed! :slight_smile:


Not particularly "rampage-y", but I like it.

Love the landscape, good job on this one!

Something about his face looks a little odd. Apart from that, though, everything else about this looks great.

I think its the way the lower jaw doesn't make him look like he has an underbite making its head look really tall, I'd also suggest to make the lower jaw gold.

This is amazing! The only thing I would suggest is that you add some of the slime that he always has coming out of his mouth.

looks cool

He looked PO'd. Great job!

Tell @Umarak he needs ti calm down
because he's on a rampage.
Seriously, though, noice.

It looks like he's shooting lasers out of his hands like Ironman!

When I first saw It, I thought it was a 3d render
Good job

Quite cool, however, the style for Umarak and the background don't match imo.

I actually like the strange, distorted look going on here. I have kind of a hard time making out the lower jaw, though. The background is the best part, though. It looks so dark and surreal.

Looks really cool! :smile:

Impressive art. It doesn't exactly scream "RAMPAGE", but the style is quite nice.

Looks impressive, though to me the head just doesn't seem to fit right. I'm not sure why. I like the glowing idea and the setting though, along with the little details on the ribcage and crystals.

This is


Is that a real Word?

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It’s actually a rating created by movie reviewer Jeremy Jahns for extremely good films.

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