UmbraManis' Rendering Experiments

Over the summer while I wasn’t on here I started experimenting with rendering Lego models in Blender. The models were exported from Mecabricks and then used a script made by the creator of Mecabricks.

I started with models on simple white backgrounds.
Mole Cavalry

Then slightly different backgrounds.
Blacktron Cross-Generation Meet-Up

Then some wacky lighting effects.

And now some more Artistic ones.

Green Lantern


Gotham Calls

Tell me what you think!
More renders (Not all blender) can be found in my Bricksafe


These all look pretty Amazetastic, but the Blacktron one works the Best in my opinion.

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These are some pretty great renders, particularly the Mole Cavalry

These are great!
I really like how you did the Blacktron Cross-Generation Meet-Up! :smiley:

These are pretty good!

Thanks guys!
New render: Jack 'O Lantern of Death


These all look fantastic! Nicely done! :smile:

You’re pretty great with these renders, I think, I don’t know much 'bout rendering…