Ummm... I Got Bored, So I Made A MOC That Looks Like A Genetic Experiment Gone Horribly Wrong!

I got bored and decided to combine a few of my 2015 sets. I came out with a monstrosity! XD

Front view

Back view

Side view


This horrific genetic experiment was created from Tahu, Kulta, Skull Warrior, Ekimu, and a few gold studs! (Kill it with fire!) the gear function actually works, though!


I can safely say you nailed the failed genetic experiment look, no sarcasm intended. I have to wonder though: Can he stand up? it doesn't look like he can.

"Ummm.... I got bored, so a MOC that looks like a genetic experiment has gone horribly wrong!"

That title though...

This looks like an alternate universe version of Kulta in which Ekimu fails to build his hammer fast enough, allowing Kulta (using the Mask of Creation) to transform the defeated Toa into augmentative applications, turning him into this thing. He proceeds to kill Ekimu, and use his shoulder pads as boots, so he can stomp on his defeated nemesis with pride.

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Well, the title says it all

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Actually, it stands up pretty darn well!

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Edited title slightly -legomaster

...that's one heck of a chest. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! (And thanks :stuck_out_tongue:)

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(if the generic experiment gone horrible wrong was intentional, you won)

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Well...the title...fits..

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I don't understand. It looks beautiful!

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it looks like the mask of creation went a little creation-happy

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What have you done!? :stuck_out_tongue:
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Looks kind of messy...

I sometimes do the same thing.

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