Un’Jaguk, Toa Of Metal V12

Hi everyone, Un’Jaguk here!
Un’Jaguk is once again reprising his role as my Self-M.O.C. I was at first going to strip him of the title but I realized how easy it would be to revitalize him. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.




Weapon pics:


Oh wow, this is the best he has ever looked. Though, the lower legs could be beefed up a bit more.

Thank you! And their already as big as I can get them with terminating poseability.

I love that the horns aren’t even.

This is an amazing step up from his previous version. His beefiness looks semi-realistic, and I really enjoy the look. The shoulders are big, but not overdone like last time. Legs are now anatomically correct (mostly, they may be a tad short but I can’t tell). You nailed it on the head, man. Great job!

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The shaping of the torso could be a bit better, but overall I like the execution

I’m pretty sure they’ve been that way since the first iteration.

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Actually the 3rd but you were close

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