Un’Jaguk, Toa Of Metal, V13

Hi everyone, Un’Jaguk here!
Contrary to popular belief, I am in fact not dead. I’ve made a ton of M.O.C.s lately and today I’m finally finding the effort to post them. Anyway, this is my self-titled Self M.O.C, Un’Jaguk. Even though the title says V13, this is technically the 14th version and I just never posted the 13th version to the boards. This version has a custom 3D-printed and hand-painted mask from Red Star Games, and he is one of the only M.O.C.s in the world with that exact mask.

Cool shot:




C&C are as always welcome and appreciated!


The Lower body section is kind of too long, but the rest of the MOC looks good. The mask also adds a lot.

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I truly miss the horns. Looked more interesting back then.

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