Unable To Change Username?! (Just PM A Mod!)

Yeah I have this problem right now...

halp pl0x

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you can change your user once a month (i believe) unless you are a master pm one of the mods asking if you can change it (i think @Caboose did it once )


Ok thanks... I'll try asking a mod then

What i never even changed my username so how this can be a monthly thing idk this is one srs bug so pls fix this someone

I've never been able to change my username. :confused:

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:confused: I've only just noticed it but I don't think I ever have been able to either...

this is madness

I used to be able to. And then the site updated and I was no longer able to. :persevere:

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same, not that i'm complaining, cuz my username still just as kewl


now its not working anymore for me :frowning:

The consensus is that this issue varies, and to PM a Mod (just don't PM Slime) to change your username if you can't.



But yeah, it should be that you are able to change your usernames once a week. However, that appears to not be working. In the meantime, feel free to PM me or any other of my fellow Mods and we'll change it for you.


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