[Setting: Voya Nui]
Everyone’s after the mask. Wherever the toa are, this mysterious warrior isn’t far behind.

You might be next.


Ghost of Tsushima much?

Love the torso design, any Samurai MOC is a good MOC.

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Cool MOC. Is this treasure mask his mask of light or is there some overarching story about another mask?

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A very good moc. Also you used a cool technique with the Av matoran jet packs incorporated into the torso a technique I also used on an unfinished moc of mine that you officially posted with this great warrior moc so you beat me to that.:smiley:

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@Kanohi_Cantri It’s just tying into the 2006 story from the comics.

@BionicleBoss @Solar_Claptrap Thanks y’all. It was a fun torso to make


That’s super cool! I love the samurai aesthetic.

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@LegoDavid thanks dude!

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