Underpriced LEGO sets topic

A topic to discuss sets which are underpriced at their retail price… If this is even a thing. Today’s sets are so ridiculously overpriced that I almost burned my catalog when I saw those prices.
So, is there any set you think is underpriced (at their official retail price)?

I don’t think an underpriced lego set exists, but I’m probably wrong



Yeah Distraxx is probably right, this topic is kinda irrelevent because you can’t determine if a set is underpriced without going into price-per-part percentages, inflation based on each country’s currency, and general public and AFOL opinion on the value of a set.

So really, there’s no underpriced sets uin existence because there’s technically no overpriced sets, from a technical standpoint.


What about those then?

I can’t really think of ones are that “under priced” usually they’re fairly priced or over priced. I guess I don’t analyze them as much as some others do as Lego isn’t my “main” hobby.


overwatch sets have a pretty good price for the value you get.

exept the rocket. 90$ for 700 pieces come on

  • Warshinken

Brickset allows you to sort sets by price per piece. The three cheapest retail sets in the US this year not including promotional sets or polybags are 10717 Extra Large Brick Box at 4.0c, 41597 Go Brick Me at 4.2c, and 10404 Ocean’s Bottom at 5.2c. The most expensive sets are Collectible Minifigures (39.9c-99.8c) and Duplo sets (83.2c-136.2c). But keep in mind, these numbers do not take into consideration sale or clearance discounts or the type of pieces you may want for mocs.


The Ninjago Movie sets underpriced when compared to the price per piece ratio of other sets.
The LEGO Ideas Saturn V.
Hogwarts Castle (very expensive but still underpriced)

I have to agree, these sets have a very impressive price to piece ratio.

I think this is mostly because of all the new large molds for Winston and smaller ones for the other characters.

There isn’t really such a thing.

It’s usually priced by piece count, and then any additional costs such as printing, the instructions, stickers, etc.

I’ve only ever seen fairly and overpriced Lego sets.