Underrated Video Games Discussion

Dust an Elysian Tail. My favorite game of all time, plays fantastic, is hand drawn, and made by one guy. Its $15 and I highly recommend checking it out!

Dood, Undertale is where its at.


I almost forgot the Infinity Blade trilogy!
Best three games on mobile OS, imo

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Well, found the topic to mention Tetrisphere in!

if you don’t know what Tetrisphere is, it’s an old N64 game, where the objective is eliminate blocks by getting combo chains, until you expose enough of the little’ core that the pieces are standing on.

It’s friggin’ addictive.

If ya wanna see some gameplay, here you go:


Sid Meier’s Pirates?

I haven’t seen much interest in Gunvolt, which is a shame because that game is great.
New trailers for the physical version as well as the new anime have been released, and I’ve put them on the Gunvolt topic.

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grand fantasia, by favourite mmo

the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series

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Astynax and megaman 6 come to mind although mega man 6 is fairly well known

Mole Mania.
Most underrated Gameboy Game ever.

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King of Fighters and Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

At least in North America.

In South America, it’s practically a religion.

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Oh man, there are SOOO many I can think of off the top of my head. I actually plan on LPing several of these in the near future, but I’m gonna say it here so y’all can go play them for yourselves.

Most of the hidden gems on ArmorGames, and Flash games in general. Flash games have the potential to be better than retail games, but people never give them the light of day. Do yourself a favor, and go play “Sonny” and “Sonny 2” on ArmorGames, then wait quietly in anticipation for “Sonny 3” (coming out soon).

Another wonderful group of Flash games that is, admittedly, not too underrated, but absolutely worth mentioning because, frankly, every gamer should play a game from this company at least once, is Artix Entertainment. These guys made AdventureQuest, MechQuest, DragonFable, EpicDuel, and many others that still make me laugh, get immersed in the deep lore, laugh some more, laugh again, then rage in frustration at the seemingly impossible boss. If you haven’t played an Artix game, then go do it. Now. They’re free and on the web, it’s not hard. Do it. Play DragonFable and MechQuest in particular. Don’t wait, just go.

Aside from awesome Flash games (of which there are many), here’s a couple more traditional titles that people don’t appreciate as much as perhaps they should:

Hawken. This is a really fun game, and it’s still fun. If you like big stompy mechs, skill-based shooters, or if you just want to see things explode, go give it a try. It’s free, but the system requirements are a little tough (I might also add that it’s crazy immersive. The “big stompy mech” feel is pulled off better than any other mech game out there, and the music is… well, see for yourself).

Jotun. I don’t believe I’ve ever played a prettier or more calming game aside from Super Mario Sunshine (and nothing will ever surpass that game). Jotun is gorgeous, fun, tight, and the bossfights, in true Nordic fashion, are absurdly massive, and endless fun to hack away at.

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade. Not necessarily underrated, but certainly underappreciated. Don’t believe the poor reviews some have given it, a majority of the reviews are positive, and I can tell you firsthand that the game is wicked fun and will only get better with time. If you like Warhammer at all, it’s worth looking into (I won’t post a trailer, because they’re all crazy violent, like this game. I mean, it’s Warhammer, you should expect nothing less on that front).

I would also be remiss not to mention one of the most amazing indie games I’ve ever seen: Castle in the Darkness. I won’t say much, just watch the Trailer or NCS’s LP of it and you’ll understand how amazing it is.

Paladins: Champions of The Realm.
I feel like I’m the only one who likes this game.
I know what people are thinking.
“Free To Play Overwatch”
While that is true, Paladins is great.


I was considering including that, but I knew it would spur on the uninformed “durr hurr, Paladins is an Overwatch clern durr” arguments. Don’t worry, I’m behind you.

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Anyone here ever heard of the arcade game Gunbird? Just me?

I didn’t know this topic was a thing.

I’d say Drawn To Life gets my vote for the most underrated. The story in that game was real good. Also, there’s this neat little game on Steam called Out There Somewhere. That’s a fun one.

@pizzacheetah I mean it is kinda just f2p overwatch

It’s so fun.

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One of the game series that never got the fame it deserved, it’s Legacy of Kain, though i know that there are some people who really like it.

Incredible writing, memorable characters, a plot that keeps you entertained and extensive lore that makes you wish for more. Definitely worth the play.

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The first game that comes to mind for me whenever I hear underrated these days, would probably be Ace Combat. I think it’s partly because of the flight game genre which is kinda niche to begin with it. I love those games due to how fun they are to play, how great most of the storylines are (even though they can get a bit cheesy and over the top) and the amazing soundtracks.

There are quite a few games in that series, but Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (or Squadron Leader, as it’s called here in Europe for some reason) remains my favorite in the series.


(This trailer is as amazing as it’s completely bonkers)

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is another game that comes to mind, as I think it was overshadowed by Red Dead Redemption. It’s a fun western FPS with good characters and story, it’s mostly linear but have a few open levels where you can participate in side quests.


Then there’s Singularity, which received no marketing whatsoever. Which is a shame, because it’s a really good and actually creative FPS once you get your hands on the time glove (don’t remember what it’s actually called). It also has one of the best guns I’ve ever used in a FPS.

(Since it’s rated M, viewer discretion is advisable)


I’ve been meaning to get a look at this, since I have heard mostly good things about it and anything that includes or are inspired by Scandinavian mythology I pretty much get instantly interested by.

(Didn’t mean to make the entire post as a reply, it started with me quoting your post but then I decided to actually write about some more underrated games so I think I messed with the system.)

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I’m watching the topic, so I woulda been notified anyway.

I completely agree with your assessment on Call of Juarez, it’s certainly underrated.

Speaking of Ace Combat, here’s another excellent flight combat simulator that should be mentioned: HAWX. Man, was that game fun. If you’re gonna get HAWX though, get it on PC, there’s no good reason to play it on console. It’s a Tom Clancy game, meaning it’s an underrated classic with excellent story by default.

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